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September 2011

Reliability  by Design and Open Innovation to face a tough economic environment

In tough and uncertain economic environments, where bad news and hard economic forecasts are delivered all the time, it is important to keep competitive advantages and foster reliability in products and services, to maintain and even increase market share.

In this issue we cover a topic that is a key characteristic customers value in the products and services they receive, it is the perception of reliability. A simple process to design for reliability and some insights regarding how to integrate the culture of constant quality into the organization are presented in this month’s newsletter.

TeraSigma Consulting expertise on Lean Six Sigma and Open Innovation covers DFR and other statistical tools.Feel free to contact us at contact@terasigma.com for further information. We’ll be glad to collaborate with you.

We invite you to give us your comments and suggestion for any topic you want to see in our next issues on either our newsletter blog or by email.

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What is Design for Reliability?
A networked innovation culture to start and keep with Design for Reliability

MRO Europe 2011

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