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August 2011

Test-cell correlation: identify and execute an appropriate maintenance.

A correct test-cell correlation is required to ensure standardization of all testing facilities that certify serviceable status of the same Type/Model/Series (TMS) turbofan, turboshaft and turbojet engines. Once this correlation is achieved, test-cell managers should maintain it in order to maintain robust data obtained from aircraft engines.

In this new TeraSigma newsletter, we’ll discuss about FAA AC43-207 section 403 recommendations with tips and procedures on how to maintain your test-cell correlation and what to do when modifications to it are required. As well, we’ll show how the 2-sample T-test is one of the easiest but powerful tools to detect any variation or confirm appropriate test-cell correlation after engine data acquisition is completed.

TeraSigma Consulting expertise covers test-cell correlation and other statistical tools to perform other aircraft engine test data analysis. Feel free to contact us at contact@terasigma.com for further information. We’ll be glad to collaborate with you.

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FAA Recommendations for Cell Correlation maintenance

Principles of the 2-Sample T-test

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