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June 2011

Reliable data handling for reliable flights.

Welcome to the TeraSigma consulting newsletter. In this issue we present a summary of the process to perform Turbofan/turbojet Engine test cell correlations. Also, we explore the EWMA chart, a powerful Statistical Process Control tool.

FAA, in its Advisory Circular AC43-207, describes its recommended process to correlate Jet Engine Test Cells, as it is necessary to quantify the effect that Engine test Cells design and operation have on Engine Performance. It emphasizes how important it is to have an accurate and reliable data handling and characterizing. It is here, in the crossroads of advanced engineering application and reliable data handling where Lean Six Sigma tools and Aircraft Engine Performance data meet.

Our second topic is EWMA, a Statistical Process Control tool, part of the DMAIC and DFSS Six Sigma process in the Control Phase. EWMA charts are particularly useful for performance trending and condition monitoring, two tasks that every Engine Test Cell engineering department must convey for their testing activities.

TeraSigma is capable to support you organization on both topics. Feel free to contact us for further information.

We invite you to give us your comments and suggestion for any topic you want to see in our next issues on either our newsletter blog or by email, by contacting us at contact@terasigma.com

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