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May 2011

Welcome to the TeraSigma consulting newsletter. In this issue we will explore two topics that every innovation and design managers should keep in mind from early stages of the design phase.

The first topic gives us a broader image on how managers tend to think about protecting its innovations, by patenting them. A patent map is explained in this issue, showing the scope a patent should have, and how it is effectively protecting innovations and new designs.

Our second topic is Statistical Tolerance Analysis. This analysis is a a powerful tool to use by the designers in order to assess the correct tolerance for assemblies and other systems, without sacrificing quality while maintaining a cost effective tolerance allocation.

TeraSigma is capable to support you organization on both topics. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Feel free to comment them on either the newsletter blog or contact us at contact@terasigma.com for any further question or suggestion for any topic you want to see in our next issues.

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