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April 2011

Welcome to the TeraSigma consulting newsletter. In this issue we will explore two topics that at a glance might be distant one each other. However, when organizations consider a proper strategy planning these topics are good approaches to keep with project execution, when covering the most aspects of either design or product lifecycle analytically is crucial.

The first topic covers an approach to identify the maturity of your technology/product in order to prioritize your organizations efforts and resources to better support the specific technology life cycle stage.

Our second topic is called Space-filling Design of Experiments. This technique can help project managers to find a solution when performing Design of Experiment technique, by closing the bias found between the model and the mathematical functions, while making sure all the design space is covered and analyzed.

TeraSigma is capable to support you organization on both topics. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Feel free to comment them on either in the newsletter blog or contact us at contact@terasigma.com for any further question or suggestion for any topic you want to see in our next issues.

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