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March 2011

Welcome to the TeraSigma consulting newsletter. In this issue we propose two different approaches to a basic resource optimization strategy, to share and leverage knowledge, but in this cases, going beyond the limits of the organization.

On technical problems; logic, rational and structured methodology is expected to be used, and TRIZ is the right set of tools to address this situation. TRIZ encloses collective knowledge and a sequential process to find and adept technical and proven solutions to our projects. The complement to this approach from the business management point of view, is to know and build effective business networks, to foster and facilitate knowledge sharing, with ultimate purpose of getting solutions from new sources.

We hope you find these articles useful as well as the future issues of our newsletter.

Feel free to comment them on either in the newsletter blog or contact us at contact@terasigma.com for any further question or suggestion for any topic you want to see in our next issues.

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