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January 2011

Welcome to the new TeraSigma Consulting’s Newsletter. We have created this communication channel to share with you useful tools, data analysis techniques and management trends and theories.

With a “People helping People” philosophy in mind, TeraSigma has gathered experts and consultants devoted to help you and your organization with Advanced Data Analysis, Six Sigma projects, Project Management and Management consultancy with the ultimate purpose to sum expertise, capability and mind power to your current and future projects, and thus, increase business opportunities for your organization.

In our first issue we talk about how to fit data into a mathematical model when the distribution across the independent variable is uneven, and a polynomial fit is just not good enough. Also, we introduce you to Open Innovation and how this is used to drive leading edge business decisions.
We hope you find these articles useful as well as the future issues of our newsletter. 

Feel free to comment them on either in the newsletter blog or contact us at contact@terasigma.com for any further question.

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